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by The Mayor!

Twitter bird image sign logoI admit, I have been a Crackbook addict for a couple of years now. For those that aren’t familiar with the term, that’s a die hard Facebook user. Facebook gave me access to something I hadn’t had in years…grown up interaction! Suddenly I could reach out & chat with all the other Moms out there, just as spun as I was, any time of the day or night, keep up with family & friends, & maintain all these relationships…without even having to put makeup on or brush my hair to do it!! Recently, I found myself on Twitter. This was NOT a platform I was immediately comfortable with. It’s very fast paced, & a lot less personal than Facebook, given that most of the people who follow each other don’t actually know them in the real world. There are numerous ways to communicate on Facebook, & it’s easy to keep up & stalk everyone. Twitter, on the other hand, has only a news feed that consists solely of “status updates”, & moves so quickly from the sheer number of constant tweets, that you can easily miss hundreds of them between visits. This also means that you need to update your own quite often to keep yourself in the “game”. You can “reply” to a tweet, or @ mention someone, if you want to communicate directly, & these showTwitter funny cartoon image tree falling up in the public feed., as well as on your page if you were replied to or mentioned. All forms of communicating on Twitter are limited to 140 characters. There are also hash tag lists, so if there’s a particular topic being discussed that you want to follow or comment on, you simply add the pound sign in front of the code for that list, & your comment will show up in THAT news feed, with anyone else’s who has used the same “hash tag”. This is used to discuss almost everything, from #Survivor, to #TGIF. I’ve considered creating one called #biteme to trash stupid people….I think it could be a popular tag! Last, but not least, there is the almighty RT…retweet. This is used BECAUSE Tweets disappear in to the yonder of your news feed soooo fast, that if you happen to catch one you really like, you RT it so it starts back at the top of the newsfeed. Really popular tweets can be RT’ed dozens, even hundreds, of times, thus going “viral” in the world of Twitter as they spread from follower (friend) list to follower list. This can be valuable, since many use Twitter as a marketing tool to reach hundreds at a time with their links. And again, Twitter birds funny follow imageall of this is done basically from one, very fast moving page, in quick, short comments or the click of a button on a tweet to reply or RT (retweet), with the top of the page having the bar to fill in your own status & @ mentions. As I have gotten to know & use this forum, however, I’ve begun to appreciate the ability to jump on for 5 minutes, exchange very short & quick comments amongst half a dozen of my favourite “Tweeps”, share a giggle or two with the other Moms, post my link, & be done with it. It’s kinda like Facebook on uppers….frantic, quick, & to the point. And I LIKE that!! And it got me thinking what it would be like if Twitter took over here in Crazy Town, communicating with each other in short, quick tweets & @ mentions, doing away with all that unnecessary & annoying communication….hmmmm….twitter me this…..

Twitter too funny cartoon marriage tweets image

OMG, it's funny 'cause it's TRUE!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! RT @LynnTDG

CTMayor @TheOneWeScrewedUp GET OFF THE X-BOX!

Reply @CTMayor FINE!

CTMayor @TheOneIButtHeadsWith DO YOUR HOMEWORK! #mykidwontdotheirfrikkinhomework

TheDiva I’m NOT wearing that. #screwyoumom

Reply @TheDiva Oh YES you are! #rottenkidthinksshecanmesswithme

RT @TheOneWeScrewedUp GET OFF THE X-BOX!

TheOneWeScrewedUp My Mom sucks #momsucks #xbox

CTMayor You brats are driving me crazy, SHUSH IT! @TheOneWeScrewedUp @TheOneIButtHeadsWith @TheDiva @TheBaby

TheBaby Look what I can do! @CTMayor #justcallmestuart

Reply @TheBaby Fantastic! I love you eight!

TheOneWeScrewedUp @CTMayor What’s for dinner? #pizzarocks

Reply @TheOneWeScrewedUp Leftovers…with legs #causeyoupissedmeoff

TheOneIButtHeadsWith @TheDiva I’m telling Mom! #youreintroublenow

TheDiva It wasn’t me Mom! @CTMayor @TheOneIButtHeadsWith #ihatemysister

CTMayor LEAVE THE PIGGIE ALONE! @TheBaby #sneakybum

TheBaby Mom has eyes in the back of her head @TheOneWeScrewedUp @TheOneIButtHeadsWith @TheDiva

Reply @TheBaby Just blame it on @IDidn’tDoIt #siblingssticktogether

RT @TheBaby LEAVE THE PIGGIE ALONE! #sneakybum

CTMayor @TheBestFriend Get me outta here! #passthetequila

Twitter funny cartoon birds image

OHHH how I LAUGHED to find this for my post!

Well, you get the idea…especially all the Tweeps out there! But just imagine how peaceful Crazy Town would be if our communication was limited to this…& limited to 140 characters at a time….maybe I‘d actually be able to hear the voices in my head again! In the meantime, I guess they’ll just have to keep tweeting me….now excuse me while I go tweet this link!


The Mayor!

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Lynn March 6, 2010 at 9:42 am

Bahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Maybe your funniest yet lol…I can soooo relate!!! :-)

Lynn March 6, 2010 at 9:45 am

PS…I re-tweeted you!!!!!

Lanita March 7, 2010 at 9:55 am

As funny as this is, it is so true. I often text my husband from another room, especially if I am in bed watching tv and don’t want to get up to ask him a question. No one else in the house tweets or facebooks, so I’m alone on that one. It always amuses me in a the waiting area of a restaurant to see three or four kids on their phones saying nothing. You know they are tweeting or texting to each other. Silent conversation!

Angie March 9, 2010 at 1:27 pm

This is hillarious. I imagine this in my family’s near future with one 13 year old girl alwaystesting or on the computer and one 5 year old trying to keep up with everyon else. Thanks for the laugh”) Following from MBC! Follw back if you like

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