The Baby!

by The Mayor!

clip art cartoon baby girl cuteMy fourth little angel, & our 3rd daughter, is spoiled rotten by every resident of Crazy Town. The benefits of being the baby! She is a constant ray of sunshine in our lives, with huge dark eyes, unruly blonde curls, an infectious smile, & a charming nature that makes it impossible for any of us to ever give her trouble. I can say with some certainty, that I never have! The moment she senses a hint of annoyance enter my tone, & the perfect example of what my wee girl is all about, she will strike a fighter’s stance, put up her fists, & with the goofiest grin on her face & her big eyes twinkling with mischief, say this…“Wanna fight??!!”…obviously, it makes no difference what she may have done to cause me to be annoyed, once I’ve dissolved into a fit of giggles. The only appropriate response is for me to raise my fists in return & holler, “Yeah, I wanna fight, BRING IT ON BABY!!”. Just shy of her 4th birthday, this beautiful baby girl has entranced & entertained our family from the moment she arrived & wields enough power here in Crazy Town to have her own chair pulled up beside mine at the Mayor’s desk!

I Think I Can, I Think I Can!

As the baby in a family of 6, with a gentle & loving brother, & 2 older sisters who now had a tiny living doll to mother, my wee girl never needed or wanted for anything. (Especially with my oldest daughter, who also happens to be the “other Mommy” in the house). This caused some delay in both her walking & her speech. Unlike my 3rd, who walked very early in order to keep up with her older siblings, the baby was never given an opportunity to walk or talk…she didn’t have to! Someone was always there, hovering, ready & waiting to anticipate & meet her every need. When she did finally begin to walk & talk, she hit the ground running, & they turned out to be the first & last thing she was behind on! We discovered that, though she had not verbalized any of it previously, she had been storing up the vocabulary, & when she finally opened her mouth, she was speaking in sentences right off the bat. She weaned early, toilet trained early, was dressing herself, including socks, shoes, & zippers, got her own cereal & snacks, poured her own juice, along with numerous other tasks my independent little girl just seemed to handle. I do believe the underlying cause of this, aside from being smart as a whip, is that in such a big family, if you can’t do it yourself, you’d better get in line & be ready to wait for Mommy to get around to you! So if I just wasn’t quick enough for her, she would simply do it herself! And much like my 3rd child, I never wanted to stand in her way…so despite the learning curve & messes along the way, I let her have at it! Unlike The Diva though, who’s independence & determination comes from a need to conquer, actually seeking out her challenges, the Baby just seems to la-di-da along, & deal with whatever comes her way, when it comes, resourceful to a fault….I’m thirsty. Hmmm, Mommy’s upstairs. That’s fine, I’ll get it myself! The Diva???…I’m thirsty. Hmmm, Mommy’s standing right there at the fridge with the juice in her hand. NOOOOO MOMMY, I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!!

Mud Pies & Stinky Feet!

So many things have changed for me since I first became a mother. I’ve grown so much as a parent, & the distinct differences in my first 2 from my last 2 are likely a reflection of that. I’ve learned what’s really important in raising a child, I have tolerance & patience I never had before, & I’m considerably more relaxed with my parenting style, partly due to the fact that you simply don’t have that time & energy to be fussy when there’s 4 of them! I’m that Mom who gets shot dirty looks by first time Moms for letting their 2 year old run loose up & down concrete steps at the hockey rink, or because they’re up to their necks in the mud at the park, or running around in October in shirt sleeves while the first time mom has her only child bundled in full winter wear already. But I simply smile knowingly, & forgive them their judgements, because I was once just like them! And should they ever have more than 1 or 2 kids of their own, well, they’ll understand, & it will be them with the knowing smiles as their children eat mud pies in the park! With that in mind, my youngest child has been the happiest of them all & the easiest to raise. I don’t find myself plagued by constant worry & doubt over every little thing, & she has the benefit of growing up without being smothered! She has a fun loving, carefree attitude that I envy & she truly is the silliest little thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving! This is a child who will stick her feet in someone’s face, & barely containing her giggles, tell you to, “Smell my stinky feet & say EEEWWWWWW!!!!”. Every kiss planted on her little face warrants a quick swipe at it & a smug little, “Wiped it off!”, as she then demands another. This particular game can go back & forth cartoon baby clip art girl i love youbetween us for some time! As can her infamous, “CAT FIGHT!”, which involves her whipping her stuffed cats at the real cats, & sometimes at us! She says things like, “Gilliup!”, instead of Giddy up, & “I love you eight!”, as we have our “I love you…(this much)”, competition every night, each of us trying to top the other.

Fashionista In The Making!

As much a diva as The Diva, at least when it comes to fashion, & pop culture, possibly by virtue of having two older sisters, my baby girl sings & dances her way through the day, knowing all the words to every Hannah Montana song, every step to the “Hoe Down, Throw Down”, & loves to dress up, do her hair, & steal her sister’s lip gloss to smear all over her face! She loves the cheerleading, constantly doing her routine & shouting out her team cheer, & this child, much like her mother, never sleeps for fear of missing out on something fun!! Thus it was that when we took our infamous “The Griswalds Do Disney” trip, when the baby was not quite two years old, that aside from the occasional 20 minute cat nap in her stroller, she was raring to go throughout the long 12-14 hour days in the parks. And never whiny or miserable, despite getting maybe six hours sleep a night, in a tent for 3 weeks. Naps were actually almost completely gone well before the age of two, & she will still stay up until everyone else is in bed to ensure no one has any fun without her!

Holding On Tight…

As the littlest, she is often required to fight for her turn, her share, her time & attention, so she definitely has a feisty side to her, though this is also ruled by her good nature & sense of fun! For example, should she find herself in a position of tussling over something with a sibling, she will again raise her little fists & ask, “Wanna punch?”, often in a crazy little voice she uses when she’s being tough, give them a split second to ponder the question, then haul off & give ’em one! Virtually impossible to resist, given that she IS the littlest! Agonizingly cute, everyone in Crazy Town seeks her affections. Still a baby in many ways, after spending her days runnin’ wild & havin’ fun doing her thing, come bedtime, she needs the comfort of just being the baby. From the earliest age, she cannot sleep unless she is sucking her thumb & pinching, yes pinching, Mommy’s ear! Actually, it can be anyone’s ear, she’s not always particular! And I have often sent a sibling, or had a sibling volunteer, to offer up their ear for the purposes of soothing her to sleep! Though we both prefer it to be me, since those are the moments I treasure most as my last sweet baby gets bigger & bigger on me! So far ahead of herself in many ways, by virtue of having 3 older siblings, she loves to draw & print & practice her numbers, can use the computer & Nintendo DS on her own, & is already showing quite a talent in her pictures, putting a great deal of concentration behind the accuracy of what she’s drawing. But if I had my way, I’d stop her in her tracks & keep her little always….& it breaks my heart to have yet another birthday approaching & know that, in just a few days, I’m off to register her for school. I’m forever hollering at my kids to stop getting big on me, that they are just not allowed to have any more birthdays….it’s one more thing they refuse to listen to! So as I fend off tiny fists, stinky feet, & flying cats, as I marvel over her latest accomplishment or her newestclip art cartoon moon stars perfect crayon rendition of a flower, & especially as I snuggle up to her each night wincing at my ear being pinched & giggling over our “I love you…” game, I hold on to each moment, a little tighter, a little longer. Because she is my last precious baby…& I love her all the way to the moon & back….& she loves me eight.    


The Mayor!

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