May Mayhem *7*…A Celebration Of Motherhood!

by The Mayor!

Amazingly, the month of May is winding to a close, & with it, May Mayhem here in Crazy Town. I can’t say enough about all the fabulous ladies & incredible Moms who contributed to my celebration of motherhood, so I won’t bother to try….I’m exhausted, what do you want from me?! They also got me out of many a post this month…which I really needed. So thanks for that, I’ll be keeping all of you on speed dial for the next time I need to call in crazy. Surprisingly, each & every one of you managed to fill my shoes nicely, & you have all made me feel far more comfortable in my OWN straightjacket skin. It’s very reassuring to know that my voices are in such good company! And in wrapping up May Mayhem, I am excited to welcome our one & only American contributor to the festivities! No, I am not a hater, I follow just as many crazy Americans as I do Canadians, it just happened that I stumbled across those Crazy Canucks early on & became fast friends…plus they’re easier to stalk, since they’re within driving distance. The Mombshell thinks I poke fun over the boob popcorn because it was a great post….little does she know I was creeping her back yard with my camera while she enjoyed that popcorn. As for the mathletes next door to her, a rousing game of chess, a cup of Earl Grey, & maybe a flash of my own boob, convinced them to let me leave said camera aimed at her place. They will be e-mailing me the photos soon enough. She will be guest posting again in June…she just doesn’t know it yet. I think I’ll call it June Junk.

Steering back to our awesome American however, Cheryl over at SpecialSauce In The House is one of those rare individuals that makes you want to reach out & hug her when you read her posts. Then ten minutes later, she’ll be bashing cheerleading, or giving you royal Hell for tweeting Glee spoilers. Oddly though, it’s impossible to ever get upset with her for it. Tough as nails, but far too sweet & funny to take it personally. I bet she gets away with a lot of sh** disturbing that way! She’s also someone that shattered myCalifornia funny plastic surgery quote preconceived notions of those folks living in California…though admittedly, any notions I had were pretty much based on The Hills. Besides, how can you not admire a woman who made a career out of being a successful sports reporter?? Now THAT’S a tough road for any woman…& I am ever so humbled & honoured to have that road lead her here to us today…even if I AM jealous as Hell that she’s whiling away her days in the California sun while I freeze my ass off 6 months out of the year north of the border….

Home Is….

Well. I can’t believe I made the big trip over the border and into Crazy Town. HELLOOOO, CANADA!

I’m so happy to be here. I’d like to thank the Mayor for inviting me. I feel special. I feel wanted. In fact, I want a key to the city. Or at least a drink. It’s probably noon here already, right? Also, is there anything to eat? Because I’m hungry. I like chips. Just saying.

I’ve never guest-posted before, so I really have no clue what I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t even want to tell you how long I spent trying to figure out what to WEAR, never mind what to WRITE.

That’s why I’m naked.

As far as you know, anyway. Just be glad this isn’t a vlog.

Botox funny quote imageA little bit about me, aside from my nudity: I live with my husband and three kids in Orange County, CA, otherwise known as The OC. Yes, we all live in mansions overlooking the beach, drive Ferraris and are botoxed into submission. Okay, not really, but that’d be pretty cool. Except for the botox part. I mean, putting botulism into my face is not my idea of fun.

Anyway. My third child was a bit of a surprise. He has overcome any doubts I had about having a third by virtue of his incredible cuteness. Actually, I think his cuteness really is to overcome his personality. See, he’s a very advanced child: he’s not quite 15 months but he’s already throwing tantrums like a seasoned two year-old. Bless his heart.

Honestly, though, he has taught me to slow down and enjoy. My first two were 21 months apart and I was either a first-time mom or one with a two year-old and an infant. I didn’t get to just savour the time with each of them.

But X? He’s teaching me something new about motherhood every day.

Just last week we took two cars to our eldest son’s Little League game because I needed to take X home early to give him dinner and get him to bed. I had to drive the sedan rather than our SUV back home, which forces me to fold in half to get in the back seat so I can buckle him in. So I’m leaning in, close to his face, and I tell him how cute he is, how sweet he is, how much I love him, and you know what he does? He reaches out and smacks me across the face. And laughs. Laughs!

This is motherhood, people. It’s motherhood. You pour all your love into these little beings and half the time you get knocked upside the head. Or kicked in the ass. But you keep on, don’t you? You keep on, because one of these days, he will respond with “I love you too, Mommy.”

Those are the moments you wait for, work for, hope for.

The other day, we were all up the street hanging with the neighbours. It’s pretty much a daily occurrence: there are 19 kids on our small, cul-de-sac street, spanning in age from a senior in high school to a five month-old. By late afternoon, there’s usually a group playing baseball, or soccer, or whacking each other with light sabers, or hunkered in the garage building ships out of Legos, or maybe playing super spies. Depends on the day and who’s playing.

Anyway, X is definitely one of the group. There’s another little guy on the street who is six days younger than him (who says pregnancy isn’t contagious?) and sometimes they’ll grab wiffle balls from each other. The bigger kids are always in X’s face, saying hi, trying to make him laugh. I love this. I love that X sees nothing but happy. Of course, when he’s around kids who we don’t know andTemper tantrum smiley who are, say, two, they’re not so happy about HIM. He’s had stuff grabbed from his hands, he’s been hit, shoved and yelled “NO” at. Right now he’s just confused about it. We’ll see what happens as he gets older. I’ve never had an aggressive child, but he has the temper for it.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yes, so the other day, we’re up the street, and the Hubs is on chase X patrol, which involves following X as he runs around the cul-de-sac and/or sits in someone’s sprinklers. A few minutes later Hubs carries X back down to the neighbours house, where I was sitting in a chair in the garage. X sees me and is trying to reach for me. Hubs finally notices and put him down. X runs over, climbs into my lap, and, when I pick him up, lays his head on my shoulder and just rests there, quiet.

Can we discuss how sweet that was? How my heart just filled, as I breathed in his sweet baby-boy smell? For that moment, he needed me. Me, and my comfort. Soon enough he was back down, racing around, trying to put marbles he found on the garage floor into his Home is where the tuna is quotemouth.

But he knows where home is.

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Being that safe spot for our kids. Whenever they need us.

Cheryl! SpecialSauce In The House!

Welcome to Canada Cheryl, & thanks so much for including Crazy Town on your tour! I agree, far easier to relax & enjoy the 3rd (or 4th!) then the 1st or 2nd child. Quite possibly those children teach us more about motherhood then the ones who came before them! Be sure to visit Cheryl & her brood over here….she has much to share, including her struggles with severe food allergies amongst her children, her fabulous wit, & a sweetness that may just beat out that of her kidlet’s! Besides, it’s the closest I’ll ever get to visiting the OC…sadly, Cheryl will not be featured in my June Junk expose.


The Mayor!

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Cheryl May 25, 2010 at 11:54 am

Thanks SO MUCH for allowing me to visit over here. And thanks for your VERY kind words! So glad to have “met” you and I’m sure I’ll be asking for Cheer Mom tips once Sage demands to become a cheerleader! ;)
Cheryl´s last blog ..Say it loud say it proud My ComLuv Profile

Stacy aka MOMMY! ahaha May 25, 2010 at 12:19 pm

It’s nice to know we are all going through or have gone through the same things as Mom’s both south and north of the border. If we can’t atleast make each other giggle and spit wine on our computer screens from time to time we’d all be walking around looking frazzled! hehe Great blog Cheryl! :)

Allison May 25, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Great post. Plus, it’s hot as hell here today so I feel sort of California. I didn’t have a surprise third baby, but I had my daughter almost three years after having my son. Angus was a great baby, but I had a crash c-section and a tough post-partum period, so Eve (no c-section, much better recovery, not being the first baby) was a breeze. I’d lie her down on the floor and turn on some music and she would just bliss out until three hours later we’d be going “didn’t we have another kid, at one point?”
Allison´s last blog ..****************Friday Sorta Funny My ComLuv Profile

the mombshell May 25, 2010 at 1:05 pm

Lovely post Cheryl, it just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling that we will always be home to little hearts! As for the Mayor, if you were in my backyard last night all I have to say is that is how adults hug!
the mombshell´s last blog ..if I wasn’t married already, I’d never get laid in this neighborhood My ComLuv Profile

Pamela May 25, 2010 at 1:07 pm

Reading your posts often make me wish you were MY mommy, Cheryl – ‘cept maybe the sitting around nekkid part! Thanks for visiting us up in Canada :)
Pamela´s last blog ..Friday Funny – Skankin’ it up for the Long Weekend! My ComLuv Profile

Janine Benedict May 25, 2010 at 2:36 pm

Great post Cheryl – it IS all worth it!

Terry May 25, 2010 at 8:25 pm

Enjoyed visiting today and had to laugh at the memories of mayhem when my kids were little. Just you wait you young, un-botoxed mommies. You’ll soon be looking in the mirror, trying desperately to find a spot without wrinkles, and wondering where in the world the time went.

Oh, the other part, you won’t remember any of the details.

Best job I’ve ever had.

Cheryl May 25, 2010 at 8:32 pm

Thanks, ladies, for the warm welcome! And Janine – thanks for making the trip! Altho Michigan practically IS in Canada.. ;)
Cheryl´s last blog ..Blame Canada My ComLuv Profile

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) May 25, 2010 at 9:06 pm

That’s a great way to look at Motherhood – being a safe spot for our kids. That was a sweet image.
Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)´s last blog ..Composting My ComLuv Profile

alex aka ma what's for dinner May 26, 2010 at 8:29 am

Great guest post! So glad it brought me over here. Going to go check out your great little piece of the great white north here!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What’s For Dinner
alex aka ma what’s for dinner´s last blog ..Summer on a plate My ComLuv Profile

Megan (Best of Fates) May 26, 2010 at 10:16 am

What a great guest post – and your youngest sounds like quite the handful!

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