The Gift Of A Son…

by The Mayor!

An open letter to my son…

Bud!My oldest child, & only son is celebrating his 12th birthday today. I, on the other hand, am celebrating so much more. For it was he, this incredible, blessed gift, that was my salvation. I had been told I would never have children, after trying everything short of in-vitro. Yet, here he was…somehow, someway…a tiny, fuzzy, black & white jellybean on the monitor…MY Jellybean. The sound of his galloping heartbeat brought tears of joy & wonder to my eyes. I was smitten, head over heels, overwhelmed by a love I never thought possible. For someone I had yet to even meet.

You were my easy child from the start. An uneventful pregnancy, with my days spent doing all the silly, goofy things a first time Mommy does, & my nights spent wrapped around you in silent adoration. The shock & pain of a long, natural homebirth, the anticipation of the miracle it was bringing. The fear & panic when the midwife lost your heartbeat, & told me I HAD to get my baby out NOW. The sound of the oxygen tanks landing on my bed beside me…one for me, & a tiny one for you. The sheer will that pushed you out almost before the words were out of her mouth. The relief & laughter from the room because your cord was so long, you “bungeed out” & they almost missed catching you. That same cord that you had compressed on your way out, causing them to lose your heartbeat. Me, your mother, half hysterical as they placed you in my arms, crying out, “IT IS A BOY!! I KNEW IT!!”, as I gave in to the tears & waves of emotions I had never felt before, threatening to crush me. Gazing down at you…unable to tear my eyes away…your eyes so full of wisdom, I knew you must be an old soul. We were never apart, you & I. Not once, not until the premature birth of your sister two years later caused me to live in the NICU with her for two weeks. Attachment parenting at it’s finest. Always so well behaved, good natured, quiet around others, but a total goofball with us. Every night after dinner, you had the craziest habit of running laps around the house. We’d sit back on the couch, watching you, laughing until tears streamed down our faces. It was better than TV any day.

An athlete too, able to chuck a ball across the street before your second birthday. Admittedly, we hate baseball. So instead, by threeMy beautiful son! you were on skates, & by four playing both soccer & hockey. You loved the fun of it all, but never cared much about the winning….not nearly as much as we did! Your soccer skills got you on to the Rep team by six. You were cut from Rep by nine…because you simply weren’t an aggressive, competitive kid. And yet, suddenly this last year, you “found yourself” in the world of sports. A newfound confidence & a boost of testosterone that gave you a winning edge, propelling you to become THE star hockey player, not just for your team, but one of the best in your league. Encouraging you to give soccer another try also. But that arm is still there…an arm that has impressed grown men tossing a football around with you. There may still be yet another sport in your future.

That quiet nature that prefers to stay in the background, & go unnoticed. Yet you have always maintained a good balance between a “boy’s boy” & that shy quiet kid, the athlete & the intellectual. Our home was over run by Hot Wheels, literally hundreds of them, everywhere. You still engage in the logic & reason of Lego & Building Blocks. You can plough through a good book almost as fast as I do. But you’re unstoppable on Guitar Hero, astounding even my rocker friends with your mad Expert Level skills. Unable to play paintball as often as you’d like, you’ve turned to Nerf to fulfill your need for engaging in battle…you’ve known since you could talk that you wanted a military career. Grown men vie for you as a team mate on X-Box Live, as you continuously beat game after game put out for Halo, COD, & Awwwwww!Command & Conquer. For you though, it’s always about the strategy. You see it, anticipate it, grasp it, play out all scenarios in your head before you’ve even taken your first shot. A war buff, a history buff, still loathe to let go of your last remaining army men because you will, occasionally, play your own war games with them. The only one in the house who will happily immerse yourself in historical documentaries with me. And the computer, of course…you love being on the computer. Perfectly content to spend hours alone engaging in these activities, yet a witty, annoying, chatterbox of a clown when you do choose to interact with the family…though still too reserved to share that quick wit & humour with the rest of the world.

A teacher’s dream, always doing as you’re told, quietly & independently. School comes easily for you, thank God, as do the good grades. I rarely know anything of your homework, for you simply do it, no fuss, no bother, no questions asked. As expected, the only “complaint” to come from your teachers has been a lack of participation…you’d rather have the floor open up & swallow you over being singled out, despite having known these kids your whole life. Here too you maintain a happy medium, in that social arena that is the schoolyard. You have friends of any & all race, colour, & creed, avoiding the “too cool for school” types, but not finding yourself as a social outcast either. You have true & real friends, who genuinely care about you, rather than social standing. Though you’re likely more popular with the girls than you care to think, given your dashing good lucks that have been equated to Zac Efron & Justin Bieber, I’m happy enough that you don’t seem particularly interested…just yet!

A loving, protective, & engaged big brother, you have a unique & distinctive relationship with each of your little sisters. They, in turn, love & adore you. I see it, as your mother, that sibling love. I see it when it’s just us, & the four of you are so content & happy being together. Of course there’s squabbles, there likely always will be, but I know we can spend weeks on end at the cottage & the four of you can be all the company you need. You’re a dutiful, easy going, & loving son, often my first choice for company when I want to “hang out”, & often the one I find coming to curl up beside me, just to “hang out“. The most like me in many ways, we shareSoccer 2010 the same interests & can while away our time jamming on Guitar Hero, swapping books, or watching yet another documentary. We also share a sarcastic, lippy sense of humour that I can’t help but love, even when it is directed at me. Puberty has brought you out of your shell in many ways. You’ve grown physically, you’ve grown mentally, & you’ve grown too big for your britches at times. If you’ve noticed “grown emotionally” missing from the list, it’s because I have discovered THE basic truth of man….puberty is when a male’s emotional growth becomes stunted. But your newfound confidence & self-esteem have pulled you out of that melancholy I used to see so often, & worried about as only a mother can do. I now have every confidence that you can, & will stand on your own out there….& I have made a valiant effort to back off & let you become the “man” you need to be. No easy task for a mother with her first born.

But why you may ask, do I refer to you as my salvation? Because you completed me. You gave me life just as surely as I gave it to you. You & your sisters have, & always will be, my purpose. Montreal!  2010You brought me love, in a way I never knew possible, an all-encompassing, unconditional love. It was you, my precious baby boy, in all your sweet wisdom, with an incredible gift for empathy, that showed me the world can be a good place. Your gentle soul, your old soul, destined to touch others as you feel so deeply for them…but most importantly, you touched me. You were the miracle I had prayed, & wept, for…the child I never thought I’d have. So today, as you celebrate turning twelve, & becoming a young man, I will be celebrating the gift of you. The gift of love & light. The gift of my child, my son, my heart….my Jellybean. And since I know you outgrew that particular nickname long ago, I’ll use the other moniker that has become synonymous with you…Bud. Happy Birthday. I love you.


Mommy… xoxo

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smothermother June 17, 2010 at 6:10 am

beautiful post. happy birthday to the son. i can’t imagine my jellybean being 12, but i know it will come too fast and i will savor every moment.

(i was told it would be very unlikely i would have a child too! thank goodness for wrong answers!)

Motpg June 17, 2010 at 8:19 am

Aww, Happy Birthday to your Bud. This was just beautiful and so is your son, Those Eyes! I’m sure he would really appreciate me saying he is beautiful ; ) but still, Wonderful post.
Motpg´s last blog ..For Littlest!My ComLuv Profile

Hear Mum Roar June 17, 2010 at 8:22 am

Happy birthday to your miracle son!
Hear Mum Roar´s last blog ..Our new playroomMy ComLuv Profile

Stacy aka MOMMY! ahaha June 17, 2010 at 9:15 am

sniffle…Happy birthday :) Eat the frosting first!!!! One more year mom then he’s a teenager!!! ;)

Terry June 17, 2010 at 9:24 am

Good GAWD … WHY do I read these things at work?? Now everyone is wondering what the heck is wrong with me! LoL. Absolutely beautiful post Mayor … and I so fully understand that, although the words come naturally as the feelings are so pure, you are an expert translator! They really do complete us, don’t they. They are our reason for … everything.

The Best Friend June 17, 2010 at 10:20 am

Well I already did my post to him on his facebook and you already gave the students and friends enough ammo to pound him on his 12th birthday. LOL

I can still that boy of yours running around as a toddler and I can’t believe that he is 12 but then again I can’t believe that mine is 7!!!

Great post Mayor but be carefull or people may start to think that you have feelings or something. :)

Cheryl Khan June 17, 2010 at 10:25 am

Wow Tracy!! That was beautifully written.
‘Jellybean’ will be SO touched by what you’ve expressed here…whether he’s willing to admit it or not!
Happy Birthday to your precious BOY!!

Pamela June 17, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Such a beautiful post for your first born, Tracy! I was also choking up over here – caught me off guard today:)

Hope your cute bud has a great 12th birthday!
Pamela´s last blog ..Because Some Wackos are the People in My NeighborhoodMy ComLuv Profile

themombshell June 17, 2010 at 1:25 pm

Beautiful. Happy birth-day to you my friend and your boy with the sparkly eyes.
themombshell´s last blog ..choosy moms choose thisMy ComLuv Profile

Cheryl June 17, 2010 at 6:44 pm

This was beautiful. Just beautiful. And a painful reminder of how fast they grow. My first-born is also a gentle, empathetic soul. I can’t imagine him being 12 – but I know it’ll come in a blink of an eye.

Thanks for sharing. And happy birthday to your Jellybean!
Cheryl´s last blog ..Not LookingMy ComLuv Profile

ericka @ alabaster cow June 17, 2010 at 9:45 pm

happy birthday little man!! he seems like quite the well rounded fellow and we need more people like him in this world! no doubt due in part to his awesome mama. :)
ericka @ alabaster cow´s last blog ..HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY ALABASTER COW!My ComLuv Profile

allison June 18, 2010 at 8:36 pm

Very nice — and uncharacteristically expletive-free. You must really love the little butthead. :)
allison´s last blog ..******************Funny, Not FunnyMy ComLuv Profile

The Mayor! June 19, 2010 at 12:28 am

I know right Allison?? I take a lot of flack from The Best Friend for bringing out my sappy side, but the kidlets are my one true weakness LOL!! No denying he’s an absolute butthead though, especially these days!! But God love ‘im, he’s MY butthead!! As for the lack of expletives, apparently they’re all on loan to you TOADY!! HA!!

Thnx everyone for all the wonderful comments & b-day wishes…& yes, those eyes of his used to draw people to him when he was little, total strangers coming up to me, “I just had to come & meet your little boy, I saw his eyes from across the room/store/whatever” LOL….

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