Dancing With Myself…

by The Mayor!

Well, three days in & still no sun, sand, or Cabana Boy bearing margaritas…what the hell is up with that??!! Sigh. Thankfully, despite the lack of sunshine & fruity umbrella drinks, I’m diving back in to the realities of daily life fairly relaxed & well rested. Not that I anticipate that lasting much longer than the first few blasts of the alarm clock come morning. I didn’t even make it to lunchtime today without having to add a dozen notations to the calendar for the week. Typically, I look forward to the time when I can do away with all of the holiday clutter & pack it up for another 11 months. funny dance fail imageSuddenly the house seems so big & tidy, without the giant tree & piles of excess crap everywhere. This year, however, I could care less…there’s only one thing on my agenda when I finally get the place to myself again. Dancing my ass off baby! No, not my usual dance around the kitchen, mop in hand, attempting to waltz it through an afternoon it will never forget. With the rug rats out of the way, I can finally get my hands on the new X-Box Kinect they got for Christmas, & systematically work my way through each & every song in Dance Central. Seriously, this addiction may prove to be worse than my Guitar Hero one was when we first got that…though admittedly, I have mad skills on that guitar now, & still pick it up on occasion to pound out a song or two…best therapy ever dudes! But if you’ve not yet tried Kinect, it’s an experience…motion sensored, hands free, voice command wave of the future. And we love it! But there’s been enough fighting over it amongst the 4 brats without adding my own voice to the fray, so I’ve had to take a back seat, biding my time, anxiously awaiting my moment to shine. I’vefunny dance wtf image dabbled at all the games, & even The Best Friend & I had a few rounds of dance battles together, but I’ve yet to do an entire song, on my own, or work my way from easy to medium to hard then on to the next song. The point is to play the game & win, after all. Because I love a new challenge. And I love to win. With the added benefit of getting a workout in the process. And since I was blessed with the gift of rhythm, I’ve already proven to be quite adept at this game…which makes me all the more anxious to get my groove on in proper game mode & tear it up. There is, however, one aspect of Kinect that doesn’t thrill me…much to our surprise, as we first played Kinect Adventures in our jammies on Christmas day, the damn thing started snapping away, taking pictures of us jumping around like a bunch of jackasses. And Dance Central?? Yeah, THAT game takes video snips of you bustin’ a move. Awkward! Even if it is highly amusing. But suddenly, we all feel like we have to be ready for a night on the town just to sit at home & play video games. Given that I plan to take on the Zumba game next, & the girls are hoping for a Yoga game, I absolutely have to figure out how to delete all of those images. Engaging in these activities is one thing…fun & fitness for the whole family! But no one wants to see that shit. It can’t be pretty. I mean, c’mon, how often do you pull out your birthing videos, & think, “Oh my God, funny image yoga catI look FANTASTIC doing that!”?? Same diff. All it really does is convince you to never, ever do it again…at least not in front of anyone! Yet somehow, Kinect seems to think it’s a selling feature that these images are taken, stored, & can then be shared online. So before The Baby gives some random voice command that mistakenly posts dozens of photos & video clips of my family lookin’ like fools with their pants on the ground on Facebook, I must disable this feature…& if it can’t be done, then my new addiction may be over before it begins. Because there is no f**king way I’m playing a Yoga game that’s gonna be taking random shots of my Lotus Flower…


The Mayor!

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Sue January 4, 2011 at 9:05 am

Oh, shooooooooot. Should NOT have read this. I’m like you…a recovering Guitar Hero fiend…and I do NOT need a new obsession once my cherubs are back in school. Perhaps the photoboth thingy will be enough to keep me at bay. That’s just plain SCARY.
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The Best Friend January 5, 2011 at 8:35 am

Well after Monday we came home and popped in the Michael Jackson game we got for the Wii. We have been shaking our booties the last 2 nights. I know he wouldn’t admit it there but Toc likes getting on down with his bad self. Personally I like listening to the words that he makes up to songs when he doesn’t know it. It is horridly self entertaining for me.

Toc of coarse is working the front lines for the Kinect though….I am wanting it myself now….hate you.

Now go on and get on down with your bad self…..you know you wanna. :)

Lanita January 8, 2011 at 7:27 pm

First of all, have you met Mr. Duct Tape? And, when I asked my family, “Who sang Dancing With Myself?” The husband and my 12 yo started singing the song, and the image of Billy Idol popped in my head.

Thank you for images of Billy Idol and your ass in down dog.

Happy New Year!

Angelique January 12, 2011 at 8:08 am

Hahahahahahahah! The first picture looks like an edited one but the last picture are the funniest. :)

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