Crazy Town Olympic Games!

by The Mayor!

As The Mayor of Crazy Town, it is my distinct honour & privilege to welcome you all to the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Crazy Town Olympics! Join us here on the steps of our messy & crowded City Hall as I introduce our athletes & the events they‘ll be competing for gold in!

logo crazy games sign images neon flames

At 11 years old we have one of the first inhabitants of Crazy Town, & current holder of 8 gold medals, for 8 different versions of Halo & Call Of Duty, as well as a silver medal in “Sheer Laziness”, it’s The One We Screwed Up. He will be competing in the following events:

boy disney star wars crazy town

- The “X-Box Marathon”

- The “Biggest Penis Head” Competition

- The “Totally Oblivious To The World Around Him” Event

- The “Smart Mouth” Off

- The “Sullen Tween” competition

- The “Fade In To The Background” event

At 9 years old, also from Crazy Town, we have The One I Butt Heads With. She has won prior medals in “Fast Talking”, “Loud Talking”, & “Always Talking”. Her events will be:

girl communion gown princess crazy town kids family

- The “Girly Shriek” competition

- The “Talking Without Taking A Breath” Marathon

- The “Who Can Make The Most Noise” event

- The “Cart Wheeling All The Doo-Da-Day” event

- The “Cat Wrangling” competition

- The “No Stinkin’ Way Am I Doing Homework” event

- The “Biggest Temper” competition

She will also be defending her standing in the “Fast Talking”, “Loud Talking”, & “Always Talking” events.

Our 6 year old athlete, hailing from right here in Crazy Town, is The Diva. She currently holds gold, silver, AND bronze in “Vanity”. Her top events will be:

diva princess family kids mickey ears crazy town

- The “Girly Shriek” competition

- The “Swinging From The Chandeliers” event

- The “Clothes Horse” event

- The “Tumbling/Flipping/Cheerleading All The Doo-Da-Day” marathon

- The “Sneaky Little Bugger” competition

- The “Way Too Big For My Britches” event

- The “Biggest Crier/Drama Queen” competition

And last, but not least, we have our littlest competitor & the newest resident of Crazy Town, The Baby. She has won numerous gold medals in the “Charming” & “Spoiled” categories. She has chosen to compete in all of her events completely naked…apparently it gives her an edge when the other athletes don‘t want to get too close! Her events will be:

baby family kids summer cottage smile cute

- The “Girly Shriek” competition

- The “Little Miss Independent” event

- The “Who Needs Sleep?” marathon

- The “Piggie Dress Up” event

- The “Smell My Stinky Feet” competition

- The “Non-stop Chatter” marathon

- The “Get Out Of Anything With A Goofy Smile” competition

- The “Wanna Fight” event

All of our athletes will compete against each other in these events:

family kids summer cottage cute dock swim babies

- The “Least Helpful” competition

- The “Most Wasteful” competition

- The “Biggest Whiner” competition

- The “Eat Us Out Of House & Home” competition

- The “Who Can Drink The Most Juice In One Day” competition

- The “Messiest” competition

- The “I Didn’t Do It” competition

And of course, the main event here in Crazy Town…“Pound The Crap Out Of Each Other”…..“last man standing” or “first one crying” rules apply.  Last but not least, since they’re mine & I love them, they ALL hold, & maintain a firm grasp on, gold medals in  ”Cutest”, “Sweetest”, & “Most Lovable”!

So grab your tickets, find your seats, & cheer for your favourite athlete as they compete in our Crazy Town Olympic Games! I’m sure the competition will be fierce, given all the other qualified athletes out there in your own homes…BRING IT ON, & GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


The Mayor!  



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Stacy Lott February 12, 2010 at 6:22 am

ahahahhahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and snort! lol stil ahahahahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Cyndi February 12, 2010 at 9:25 pm

Oh damn, I’m still laughing about this post. You are totally living my life. Do you wake up some mornings and think – how the hell did I end up with all of these people calling me mommy? LOL. Found your blog via Mom Bloggers Club. Come check out our mess over at 6 Ring Circus if you get a chance. :o )

James February 13, 2010 at 12:23 am

One of the best posts yet … LOL.

But what about the “Eye Glass Bi-find-a-thon”? Then again, a bit of a one sided competition.

The Mayor! February 13, 2010 at 1:41 pm

Ahhhhhh Cyndi!! That was my FB status last week believe it or not…who the hell are all these kids & WHY do they keep calling me Mom??!! Love your blog, gotta say the only thing crazier than having 4 kids, is having FOUR BOYS!!! LOL! Hard to say which of us is going to have a harder time come those hormonal, rebellious teen years, we’ll have to get our own little support group going for everyone with 4 or more kids!! Thnx for reading!

James! FANTASTIC event idea, shoulda thought of that one! Especially since the REALLY blind child who is either wearing them, or has her hand wrapped around them, 24/7 LOST HERS this morning too! And is soo useless without them, she couldn’t help look for them LOL! Did find them thankfully, apparently that came about when The Diva mixed them up &, yes, SHE was the one who misplaced her sister’s when she realized they weren’t hers. Shoulda known The Diva was behind THAT one, definitely holds the gold for this event!! Glad you liked it, the kids had MUCH fun helping me come up with Crazy Town Olympic events, couldn’t have done it without their input!


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