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Diva Spa Party!

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Mani/Pedis are the order of the day for this party, guaranteed to pamper & spoil Divas of any age! Set the mood with your daughter’s favourite music playing in the background. As your guests arrive, be sure to show them to your cozy waiting area, equipped with copies of all the best Teen mags for their reading pleasure. Have a table set up near by with their colour choices, ensuring, of course, that you have only purchased quick dry polishes for the event, & colours in keeping with age appropriateness.

For the next step, we chose to use our kid size Princess beach loungers that we were lucky enough to already have on hand, & were able to have four girls at a time. This was The Diva’s idea, I thought it was pretty inspired! Bring them in & help them to get settled in Spa day facialtheir lounger, soaking their feet in a soothing bowl of warm, soapy water. Offer fruity umbrella drinks, finger sandwiches, & of course, more of those Teen mags full of pictures of their favourite celebrity hotties! After you get your first group settled in & soaking, this is also the time to apply facials & cucumber slices to their eyes if you choose. Depending on your numbers, it may be necessary to enlist an extra set of hands, (or more), to get through the assembly line quickly & easily.

Now that your guests are soaking & their skin soothing, it’s time to begin on fingernails. A nice little hand massage with cream, being sure to include the wrists & forearms, then a quick file, a coat or two of colour & quick dry top coat, & it’s on to the little feetsies! Pamper them with a nice little rub down, again using the cream, & now you’re ready to paint toenails. By the time you have completed the process, the fingernails should be sufficiently dry to haveSpa day image them rinse their faces. Be sure to have plenty of wash clothes & hand towels on hand, prettily displayed in the powder room in colourful baskets. As you shuffle your first group out of the loungers, change out the foot baths & have the next set of girls get settled in & served their refreshments.

Then it’s off to the “makeover” station, best set up in another bathroom for mirror & sink access. Here, the girls will receive a moisturizer, & light make up application. Depending on your time & skills, you can play with hairstyles as well. If you are “under staffed”, this is a station you can allow the girls to do with each other, as long as you have carefully chosen & approved of, the items in use! Be sure to have all the supplies needed on hand, such as cotton balls & Q-tips. Once all of your guests have made their way through the “spa”, a little photo session is a must! Cake, ice cream, & of course, opening gifts, top off the day for this fabulous event!

Tips & Tricks!

- Ensure that you have other games or activities available for the girls to partake in as they wait their turn. I have a cupboard full of beads & jewellery kits, this is the perfect craft for them to play with while at the “spa”. Younger girls are also quite happy to have a table full of paper & crayons to play with.

- Be sure to set the right ambience. Pampering & elegance should be the order of the day. Put out flowers, including in the powder room, use bright colours, tablecloths, pretty baskets of washcloths/towels set out, a basket of hair bands to use while they are having their facials & doing makeup, & trays to bring around fruity umbrella drinks & snacks. If you happen to have all the money in the world, little pink robes & spa slippers can also be given to each girl. I HAVE seen the open-toed pedicure slippers at dollar stores. Aromatherapy &/or candles can also be incorporated for the older girls. Choose soaps & creams with a girlie scent, such as strawberry or lavendar.

Spa day cake

Fab cake idea!

-Add a note to your invites to have your guests arrive without any nail polish & their toenails trimmed. This will save you any extra work, & ensure the best results for your guests. You can even suggest they bring their own robe, & an outfit befitting their “finished” look for photos afterwards.

- A cake in the shape of a purse, or shoes etc. is a fantastic addition to this party. Accessories such as decorations, invites, plates & napkins can also be easily found in this theme. Invitations can be done in “flyer” style, advertising the name your Diva chooses for her spa, & the “services” offered, along with the pertinent party info.

Spa Day flyer

Invite idea...

- Loot bags, which I am definitely known for since I always ensure they match the overall theme, can be little purses, stuffed with lip gloss, hair accessories, etc. Anything & everything girlie! Sally Hansen Beauty Supply Outlets have a “Sally Girl” line that even includes tiny bottles of nail polish & other “tween” items for a dollar or two each. Brushes, mirrors, makeup, all can be found on the cheap! My favourite stops for loot bags are The Party Depot & Dollarama.

- “Pampering” refreshments can include finger sandwiches, chocolates & strawberries, or even Fondue, which is a big hit with the kidlets. Cheese can be used with veggies, chocolate with fruits. Another item that’s popular is to take sandwich wraps, spread with cream cheese of any flavour, roll & cut into bite size pieces. This also works with jelly, & my own kids love regular cream cheese AND jelly in one. Packages of frozen bite size éclairs or cream puffs can also be found at M & M’s & many Loblaw’s. Mimosas can be made with orange juice & ginger ale, or try this or this fabulous non-alcoholic recipe from The Drink Guy, all served as fruity umbrella drinks in fancy glasses. Plastic ones can easily be bought at the dollar store as well!

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- Remember to gear towards the age group involved. You can go all out for older girls, or scale it down to a simpler process for littler ones. Ultimately, any little girl loves to be pampered & feel like a “big” girl…A Diva Spa Party is a sure way to impress the Divas in your life!


Martha Stewart Mommy!

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Tracy June 14, 2010 at 10:16 pm

I’m just strolling in from work….that sounds so nice!!!! Can you be my mom??? Please!!!! Fantastic ideas! Makes me wish for the girl….not wait, my hands are too full with the three boys…what am I thinking!

The Mayor! June 14, 2010 at 10:23 pm

LOL….then be sure to stay tuned, despite conning my way OUT of these parties (muwhahahahahaha!), I had them well planned in my head so figured I should get them down for posterity…I AM Martha Stewart Mommy after all…LONG before I was known as The Mayor LOL! ANYWHO, The Boy had a party planned as well….you may be able to use that one!! Coming shortly!!


Life Coach Lynn June 15, 2010 at 12:49 am

Ummm, my birthday is in a couple weeks :-)

Stacy aka MOMMY! ahaha June 15, 2010 at 4:42 am

lol sigh…I wanna feel all relaxed and eat little sandwiches!!! You are the very BEST MAYOR!

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