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Easter: Martha Stewart Mommy Style!

Easter bunny hopping imageMy children are spoiled. Not necessarily with material goods, but more so with the hands-on, Martha Stewart Mommy-ing that I engage in with them. My goal as a Mommy has always been to create the best childhood memories possible, to have them look back on their youth with joy & fondness, in the hopes that this would make up for my failings along the way & contribute to their happy, well adjusted adulthood. Holidays are always a great opportunity to go all out for my babies, & bring the wonder & delight to their lives that they will remember always. With Easter upon us, & my oldest finally having grown beyond any belief in such things as The Easter Bunny, I find myself being asked just what my secrets are, how was it that I had him & his siblings believing there was an actual bunny in our house, leaving them chocolate??!! And though I’m not inclined to pass on ALL my secrets to him just yet lest he squeal them to his sisters, I’m happy to share them here with you, so that you too can thrill & amaze your own kids this weekend!

Shhhhhhhh!  It’s A Secret!

Easter basket gif imageIt’s really not as difficult as you’d think to mess with your kids. They tend to be pretty gullible in all their innocence, & I often the find the more insistent I am in my own “belief”, the more so they will fall for the whole ruse. The fact that I also offer up concrete proof to back up my “tails”, doesn’t hurt either! Once I have their Easter baskets set up & filled, while they peacefully slumber with dreams of bunnies & eggs, & those wonderful sugar highs, I then take my bunny feet & leave a nice muddy trail through my house. Totally worth cleaning up, just to see the looks on their precious little faces, & all the more believed as I pretend to be upset with the bunny over his muddy feet! I do this with sponges that I have cut out to resemble paws, after tracing a picture from the internet. The sponges are taken outside to find, & soak up, some mud….failing that, I have used a cup of water to create my own mud in a patch of dirt outside, & even your house plants can offer up a good source of this. Then it’s a simple matter of choosing an entry point, & “hopping” your bunny feet around your house & the Easter baskets that, by morning, will have dried in to a nice little bunny trail….though granted, you don’t want to do this across your carpeted floors!

Letting The Rabbit Out Of The Hat!

Easter bunny funny imageNow it’s time for the photographic evidence. From my basket of tricks, I pull out a set of bunny ears, available at any dollar store, along with my handy dandy duct tape, the 8th wonder of the world. My bunny ears are then affixed to various spots around the house, peeking around doorways, corners, & over the edge of the sofa, giving the illusion that the Easter Bunny is hiding from me, & just the tips of his ears can be seen peeking out. Take a whack of pictures, until you have a few that clearly back up your story!  Of course, don’t forget to add your nibbly teeth marks to the carrots your kids have left out, & if you have a really silly crazy sense of fun, chocolate Easter eggs disguised as rabbit droppings can be left along the bunny trail you have stamped out! As always, a little note left in disguised printing is a part of my scenario. A bit of cotton snagged on the bricks by our back door has my wonderfully naïve little girls thinking he snagged some tail fluff, & lo & behold, The Easter Bunny was here!

Hunting Season Is Open!


Easter funny Garfield cartoon image That’s ME of course! :-D


Not quite done, for no Easter would be complete without a good old fashioned egg hunt. With four kids, I find prepping ahead of time can help ease the chaos & add to the enjoyment…theirs AND mine! The weather will determine where the hunt is held, but indoors or out, I find it makes sense to encase any candy in plastic eggs to protect it from water, dirt, melting, or pets getting at it. If you’re looking to ease the sugar intake, place other items such as stickers or super balls or other small, inexpensive toys in the eggs. A cheap way to do it, with as many kids as I have, is to buy one big bucket of jellybeans & stuff each egg with 5 or 6 of these. Some eggs will have a child’s initial on it if there are small toys specific to age or sex. Then I often colour code them, so for example, my one boy is only hunting for blue eggs, (this year I actually bought camouflage eggs for my son & The Only Child to hunt). This cuts down on any fighting amongst the kids, which I always have to take in to consideration with my rug rats, by ensuring that fairness & having fun take precedent over screaming & crying! Trust me, the prep time is well worth it to avoid the sugar induced melt downs!

Happy Easter!

As always, years of practice have taught me a great deal when it comes to handling such occasions, but I am always looking to expand my repertoire, so please feel free to share your own family secrets! And should you decide to have a go at some of my tips & tricks, then you too can have a Crazy Town Easter to amuse & delight your children! A Happy & Blessed Easter to you & yours….

Martha Stewart Mommy!

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