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WELL, we HAVE had a lot of Tooth Fairy talk here in Crazy Town lately, haven’t we?? Between the boy, now 11, pulling a tooth out of his mouth last week, handing it to me, & saying, for the first time, “Give me 5 bucks!”, to the rather unconventional visit to the piggie Tooth fairy image clipart kids familycage for a piggie tooth, to The Diva FINALLY having her first loose tooth & anticipating her very first visit, the Crazy Town version of The Tooth Fairy has always been a favourite of my mommy-ing tasks. And as such, I thought it might be time to give you the Martha Stewart Mommy version of her. Martha Stewart Mommy is not a name I gave myself, or made up for the purposes of the site. The site came around because I have earned that moniker from the family & friends who have watched me do it for 13 years, & they have always encouraged me to share it with others. And since each & every one of us cross paths with The Tooth Fairy at some point in our parenting, I’d like to pass along some of her secrets I have learned over the years! 

To begin with, if & when you hear from your child that the Tooth Fairy did something different for some random friend or another, your easy response can be that there are more than one, no one knows just how many, but with sooo many children & sooo many teeth, it’s just too difficult for one Fairy to collect them all on her own. If they use the argument that Santa gets to all the kids in oneTooth fairy image clipart kids family night, your response should be, yes, he does, ONE night of the YEAR…teeth fall out EVERY night of the year!! Santa can save up alll his magic to have enough for the one night, Fairies have to use theirs every single day! Moving on… 

A typical visit from OUR Tooth Fairy goes like this….the child puts their tooth under their pillow, & if you have one like my oldest daughter, a little note to her goes along with it. When they wake up in the morning, this is what they will find….gold & silver pixie dust at whatever entrance point is closest to their bed, usually a window sill. Pixie dust sprinkled in their hair & on their pillow, (yes, even the boy, much to my delight!). Their tooth gone, safely tucked away by The Tooth Fairy in a sealed baggy with a note stating the child & date, along with any other pertinent info, such as if it was their first loss, yanked by the dentist, etc. IF there were extenuating Tooth fairy image clipart kids familycircumstances like that, (for example, my oldest daughter knocked her top two out on her first birthday…I kept them until her friends began losing theirs & then gave them to her to put under her pillow), then they may find a small, inexpensive gift or treat along with their shiny new Toonie. They also usually find a tiny little note in tiny little printing, in a pink or green pen on tiny pink paper, from The Tooth Fairy herself, saying thank you & she loves them, always ending with Keep Brushing & Keep Smiling! Occasionally, should the note be absent, they can find more pixie dust on the computer desk where she will have left them a type written note, explaining that she forgot her own teeny tiny little pen, & ours were just too big for Tooth fairy image clipart kids familyher to use! These computer notes can happen when she’s too tired to see straight for such tiny printing, & also include a Tooth Fairy image from the web saved in my computer, along with a colourful, creative font. 

Now, even the Crazy Town Tooth Fairy has her off days & makes mistakes. For example, when she recently visited the piggie, she made the unfortunate mistake of leaving her little “shakers” of pixie dust (found at any craft store or dollar store & have lasted years!) sitting out on the kitchen counter, forgetting to put them away when she was done. The One I Butt Heads With actually bailed me out of that one, when she explained to her little sister that Mommy sweepsTooth fairy pixie dust image kids family up & collects all the pixie dust left behind, & just LOOK how much I had saved so far! Then they asked if they could use it to fly….God love ‘em!! Another common pitfall is the “missed visit”. Here is a list of plausible excuses you can feed small children that they are likely to buy. Bad weather, overbooked schedule, too late in the day to get added to her list for that night, maybe it’s lost in your bed, I’ll look while you’re at school, now go! HEY, look what Mommy found in your bed!! IF a visit does get missed, there will always be an apology & explanation in her note when she does come! 

I’m a firm believer in childhood…my focus has always been on creating memorable moments for them, maintaining their joy & innocence for as long as possible, & making even the most ordinary & mundane events as magical & special as possible. Our Tooth Tooth fairy image clipart family kidsFairy doesn’t put forth that much more effort than anyone else’s, a quick sprinkle of pixie dust, & a few moments taken to jot out a tiny note can, & will, bring wonder & delight to any child, & make that visit a huge part of their childhood memories. And even though, after 4 kids, these tasks can become rather tiresome, that effort is well worth it. The proof for me has come in the form of my son, as he outgrows his belief in such things, yet has shown utter fascination & wonder at the lengths I went to, asking all my secrets & how on earth I did this or that….not that I’ve shared them all just yet, let him wonder a little bit longer! Even in NOT believing, he STILL holds those moments close to his heart, maybe more so than when he didn’t know, as he realizes just how much Mommy loves them & that there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to make them happy. And then there’s all the kids we know that ask their parents if OUR Tooth Fairy can come to their house…my niece has even tried to finagle sleepovers to coincide with her losingTooth fairy image banner kids family teeth! 

So the next time The Tooth Fairy is expected at your house, be prepared with a few simple supplies, kept tucked away & at the ready, make use of the various examples I’ve included here for images & letters, & remember, not every tooth has to have the “whole package”, but by putting in the effort to make each visit magical & making those “special” losses stand out, your children will always hold dear the memories of The Tooth Fairy, & hopefully carry on the grand tradition with their own kids one day!

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Stephanie July 20, 2010 at 4:49 am

HAHAHA!!! Just wondering how you would answer this one… A few years ago my oldest son(sbout to loose his 2nd tooth) asked me what the tooth fairy does with the teeth she collects??? my reaction…… DUUUUGH!!!! hold on a sec, Mommy wants to hear this news story on the radio (and take a few mine to think of what to say?) So here is what I cam up with…. My youngest was 8mths then and getting a new tooth almost every day!!! So I told him that if the teeth are shinny white , clean (brushed twice a day (hehe)) She (The Tooth Fairy) ginds up the teeth into a special magic glitter that she sprinkles on little ones to make sure that they get nice healthy teeth!!! And he bought it!!! What are some of the stories you have heard?!?!

connie@ Designer Mens Wear UK March 28, 2011 at 7:37 am

This is funny, That is hard how to answer such questions. My daughter also asked mesomething similar to do with tooth fairy, however she asked me y the tooth fairy doesnt give presents like a new doll etc. bless her cotton socks.

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